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Here at Mshtarii Academy, we offer software development courses . Along with our web development training, you will be partnered with software companies in Durban and gain real world experience. Join us today and become a part of the generation that revolutionises South Africa’s digital future.

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Why we focus on software and web development!

Mshtarii Investments is a software development house with it’s original and primary core offering, being focused on web and mobile communication platforms. We took the initiative to join the education sector by starting Mshtarii Development Academy to fill the gap between the knowledge interns acquire at tertiary level and the actual skills required in a working environment.

Software development is the way to the future and most companies offer an IT working space. End user computing is an essential skill in any business today and is required in order for businesses to meet local and global economic challenges and requirements of a digital world.

Coding has been voted as one of the top ten most in-demand job skills for the future in South Africa and beyond our shores.

These are the reasons, web development is so important

  • Keeping abreast of technological advancement
  • To show coding proficiency to prospective employers.
  • For career advancement
  • To explore the options of working on web development as a career

In a world where technology is constantly changing, shouldn’t our education systems be doing the same? The Mshtarii Academy is an online software course program designed to bridge the gap in computer literacy in South Africa. Unfortunately in an ever evolving world, South Africa has fallen behind to become one of the lowest ranking countries in PC and software development and understanding. We at Mshtarii have experienced this first hand in our Mshtarii Software Development organisation.

With an in-house team of web developers and trainers, we structured our courses to be succinct and on the cutting edge of this important discipline. From the basics of computing to true coding, our courses will help interns learn in a comprehensive, step-by-step process. They will gain real world working experience through our internship program and in the partnership with software companies in the Greater Durban area.

Take the initiative and uplift your future. A whole new digital world awaits you



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