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Mshtarii Software Academy commenced operations in 2018 in Durban. With teaching and learning, community engagement and research within it mission . Mshtarii Software Academy strives to embody the basic convictions of the South African democratic ideals that individuals be given full opportunity to discover and develop their talents and interests to pursue their unique potential. We want to create digital opportunities in South Africa, open doors for our youth. We want them to learn coding for free. Software Development will enable students to advance with superlative skills in web development and database modelling such as html, JavaScript, php, c#, css, SQL ultimately graduating with a national certificate for Information Technology specialising in Systems Development.


Responsibility –enriching minds

Communication – stay connected stay alert

Creativity – utilise your imagination

Development –blossom


As a non- profit organisation we want to fill the existing gap between knowledge acquired by students at tertiary educational institutions and the actual knowledge and skills required at the working environment as identified through the Mshtarii investments years-round youth development internship program.

  • We restructure learning

At mshtarii development  there are no lectures or classes. Students will do all their learning online .They also get a chance to interact and learn from each other.

  • We partner with corporate

Our 1 year course is sponsored by companies looking to support the development of local tech and empowerment of the youth’s talent in the digital economy.

  • We educate all

At Mshtarii development education is open and accessible to all talented young people

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